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Do you need a video solution; a solution that will allow you to offer IP Video to your subscriber base? CNI can do just that. We are backed by our regional Fiber-To-The-Premise network and we have invested in the necessary head-end and content delivery infrastructure that will allow you to offer IP Video services to your subscriber base. In addition, we give our provider partners the management tools they need to monitor and troubleshoot network performance. As part of our Video and IPTV suite of services, we offer:
  • Minerva middleware admin portal
  • Hosted and managed middleware services
  • Video management solutions
  • Video monitoring services
  • HD/SD IPTV signals
  • Engineering and consulting services

We offer robust IP Video services for your subscribers along with the management tools you need to provide them with the best video experience possible. CNI, also, offers consulting services and provides support to maintain and manage your own head-end services.

With our 24/7/365 network operations center (NOC) and live call center, we enable you to offer your subscribers all of these services without having to incur the costs of management for your own operations support and server infrastructure.

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