Voice Provider Solutions

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The evolution of phone service has changed dramatically over the last decade. Users can now connect by using VoIP, voice applications, collaboration services, SIP trunking and, yes, still by the good ol’ telephone services. In order to provide a seamless and worry free experience for your users, you need CNI’s efficient and up-to-date network in order to support your numerous communication tools.

In order to advance your company, CNI is here to help you grow. We range from a variety of choices like:
  • Migrating to SIP
  • TDM switched access PIC LD services
  • VOIP enhanced local services
  • IP Voice termination
  • Local inbound service
  • Tandem services
  • SS7 service and signal gateway services
  • Number porting service order administration (NP-SOA)

If you are looking to expand your network, or even simplify your network, we are your trusted provider for a full suite of voice services. In addition, with CNI’s up-to-date and secure network, we have extensive coverage across the United States that is crucial for reaching your business goals and delivering service to your subscribers.

Tell us more about your business’s needs or to submit an inquiry contact: sales@cniteam.com