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The CNI Network Operations Center (NOC) offers you "hands-off" monitoring of your company's network, giving you the freedom to focus on expanding your customer base.

Support services on our Client's provider-grade access equipment range from equipment configuration, network engineering, network design, set-up, management, configuration backup and restoration, administration and troubleshooting to performance-based monitoring and reporting, and provide 24/7/365 notification of their status.

The NOC's seasoned technicians are skilled operators of highly technological brands of Internet equipment including Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Redback and the industry's latest data management equipment, as well as legacy networking and server devices. Regardless of the technology platform or protocol, CNI's Network Operations Center supports Provider Partner's IP Video and data networks. CNI has extensive experience with maintaining and monitoring various transportation methods. Backed by years of experience in the Network Operation industry, these technicians are dedicated to overcoming any obstacle.

CNI can provide on-going capacity management with recommendations to ensure optimal network performance is maintained, bandwidth is effectively managed and delivered in a cost-effective manner.

In addition, our UNIX- and Linux-based services provide high-end software on high-grade hardware. We offer custom coded, web-based applications to suit your needs, as well as configuration, installation and maintenance of Internet products including mail, news and web servers, just to name a few. We, also, have extensive experience with firewalls and load balancing.

By combining the benefits of CNI's NOC, IPTV, UNIX and Linux services, you can offer the superior technology and quality of services your customers require.

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