Our History

cniteam.com - The Homepage of Com Net, Inc.
2013: CNI/Independents Fiber Network completed construction on deploying approximately 700 new route miles to the GigE Plus Fiber Optic Network (www.gigeplus.com)
2013:Independents Fiber Network, subsidiary of CNI, established Point-of-Presence in Chicago, IL
2013: Independents Fiber Network, subsidiary of CNI, partnered with Cyan to bring 100G services to Ohio
2012: CNI implemented new brand standards and logo
2010: CNI/Independents Fiber Network started construction on deploying 700 new route miles to the GigE Plus Fiber Optic Network project
2009: CNI announced general availability of Shared Calendar Solution on MiraPoint Powered Email Solution
2009: CNI announced Entone joins ADB and Amino as a manufacturer of approved Set Top Boxes for use in CNI's IPTV System solution
2009: CNI announced another six figure investment to further expand High Definition Content in MPEG4
2009: CNO announced upgrade to facility-based Transport Network between its North Findlay, OH Point-of-Presence (POP) and its Affiliates, Bascom and Benton Ridge, through Independents Fiber Network
2009: CNI announced upgrade and general availability of its Cable Modem Access Management Solution
2008:CNI announced general availability with Suite of Support Service for VoIP Providers for Local and Long Distance Services in Partnership with Tier 2 Communications
2008: CNI upgraded Email, SPAM Filtering and Virus Filtering server to MiraPoint solution
2008: CNI announced plans for expanded High Definition Content in MPEG4
2008: CNI launched Minerva Multi-Operator/Multi-Region Middleware Portal
2008: CNI announced finalization of IP Network upgrade
2008: CNI announced vendor selection for next generation CABS and end-user billing services solution
2007: CNI turned up 10G Network for Carrier Class Ethernet Transport Service under Independents Fiber Network
2007: CNI expanded Video Signal Acquisition Service to include MPEG4 High Definition Content
2007: CNI announced plans to migrate Core IP Network infrastructure from SONET to Gigabit Ethernet and Tier 1 Dedicated Internet Access connectivity
2007: CNI launched Trusted Third Party (TTP) services for CALEA compliance by faciity-based broadband providers
2006: CNI introduced Hosted IPTV services
2006: CNI expanded Video Signal Acquisition Services to include MPEG2 High Definition Content
2006: CNI announced general availability of Phantom TrafficStudies and Wireless Revenue Assurance Services for IOCs
2006: CNI announced general availability of its BEAST Box Technology and Provider Support Solution for guest services
2006: CNI announced general availability of Number Porting Service Order Administration Services
2005: CNI launched Ethernet Wide Area Network connectivity via 1 Gigabit Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) Technology under Independents Fiber Network
2005: CNI launched Video Signal Acquisition Services with MPEG 2 Standard Definition Content
2005: CNI launched SS7 Call Set-up Detail Record Data Capturing and Analysis Service
2005: CNI implemented IP long distance voice terminiation
2004: CNI announced general availability of AHCS to Dr. offices with HIPPA Compliance
2004: CNI installed emergency back-up generator to Call Center housed in Wapakoneta, Ohio
2004: CNI launched facility-based SONET Transport Services under Independents Fiber Network, LLC
2003: CNI established its wholly-owned subsidiary, Independents Fiber Network
2003: CNI joined Broadband Network Group, LLC as Segment Provider and Managing Member
2003: CNI Call Center announced general availability of its expanded 24/7 coverage hours
2003: CNI added general availability of AHCS to its Call Center offering
2002: CNI launched bright.net always-on Subscriber Service Suite to bright.net licenses
2002: CNI launched Private Branded Affiliate ISP Support Services program
2001: CNI implemented local origination and termination service
2001: CNI launched MyMail Spam and Virus Email Filtering services
2001: CNI launched Service Bureau/Data Center Operation for CABS and end-user billing services
2000: CNI joined Tier 2 Communications (dba bright CLEC) as Managing Member
2000: CNI introduced Network Operation Center (NOC) services
1999: CNI implemented long distance TDM voice termination
1998: CNI purchases current day Headquarters building in Wapakoneta, Ohio
1998: CNI introduced UNIX Administration services
1998: CNI joined Bright Long Distance LLC as Managing Member for Switchless LD service
1998: CNI launched DBadd ISP Subscriber Management Portal to bright.net licenses
1997: CNI Call Center services began running
1995: CNI introduced Managed ISP services
1995: CNI launched bright.net ISP licensing program for dial-up service
1993: CNI launched SS7 A-Link and AIN Database Query Services
1993: CNI was established by 17 IOCs on equal basis