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Position Location

Wapakoneta, Ohio

Job Description

This person will be responsible for the company’s Telecom Ethernet Transport Services (ETS) Operating Units and Related Holdings. Key focus market for ETS is to Independent Operating Companies, Carriers, Healthcare, Schools & Libraries, other Public Entities and Enterprise Markets. Ideal candidate should have worked with the company or other Ethernet-over-Fiber Regional Facility-based Network operator directly with focus on fulfilling ETS service requirements. Candidate should have solid working relationship with wireless carriers, interexchange carriers, datacenter operators, State of Ohio Agencies’ CIOs and Ohio VARs.


Business Unit General Manager should:
• Possess strong organizational skills
• Demonstrate managerial and leadership qualities
• Have the ability to lead their team in achieving excellence in performance
• Be an excellent communicator – both verbally and in written form
• Work well under pressure

Required Experience and Education

Ideal candidate should:
• Have a degree in Electronics & Communication/or Business Administration
• Have 10-years of solid experience in the sale of Telecom Solution and Telecom Engineering Services in the region
• Have worked in a Senior Management position for at least last 3-years
• Have demonstrated their leadership skills in substantial growth of the business unit under their direction

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