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Todd Myers
Kenneth G. Myers Construction Co., Inc. - President

PhotosI have worked for the company ever since Junior High, I graduated in 1981. In school, I was washing and doing oil changes on trucks when they came in on weekends from out of town. I was painting equipment by my senior year in the winter. In the summers, I was busy working on our family farm. When I wasn't farming, I was working on construction crews to help out. About 1990, I started running the daily operations of our 2,400 acre farm.

In December 1995, I had to become heavily involved in the construction company when my father became ill. In August of 1996, my father passed away, I became the third generation President, and the majority owner along with my brother, Brent. In 2001, I made the decision to shut down the farming operation to concentrate on the construction company, which by 2002 the telecommunication industry was in the middle of change because of 9/11, and still is changing on a daily basis.

Myers Construction was founded by my Grandfather, Kenneth G. Myers, in 1958. The company was incorporated 1961. Myers Construction originally started as a pipeline contractor. Myers got involved in telephony in the early 1960's with Ohio Bell, doing road pushes. By the late 1960's we were strictly doing telephony work, because of the slowdown in pipeline work. Myers Construction got heavily involved in the fiber optics in the early 1980's. This was when the big push came to connect the larger cities together with fiber and we have been a leader in the industry ever since. Myers Construction is one of the few total turnkey telecommunication contractors in the Midwest. We have the people and equipment to place fiber optics, and/or copper, and also CATV cable in the air or underground. In the underground, we can direct bury or build multiple conduit systems to place cables in. Along with placing, we also do all the testing and splicing of fiber and copper cables.

The Kenneth G. Myers Construction Company, Inc. is very blessed to have a very experienced staff. Myers has 14 employees with over 30 years, up to our Vice President Ron Rowe with 52 years.