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Tim Berelsman
Com Net - Chief Executive Officer

PhotosMr. Tim Berelsman has been Chief Executive Officer with Com Net since May 29, 2001.  Tim Berelsman directs Com Net in its efforts to provide IPTV Video Service, Fiber Optic Transport Services, IP Bandwidth Services, Dedicated Internet Access Services, Authentication Services, Network Administrative Services, Unix/Windows System Administrative Services, Application Services, Billing Services, SS7 Services and Call Center Support Services. 

Previous to 2001, Mr. Berelsman was employed with GenTek, Inc. as Director of Business Development.  In this role, Tim worked with the GenTek Automotive Manufacturing Division and the GenTek Telecommunications Division on new technology initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, and acquisition integration.  Prior to joining GenTek, he was employed by Prestolite Wire, which was acquired by GenTek in 2000.  Mr. Berelsman held multiple positions with Prestolite Wire’s Datacommunication Division as the business grew from $16 Million in 1996 to $85 Million in 2000.  This aggressive business group required him to manage multiple areas including Regional Sales Manager, Director of Marketing and Director of Product Development simultaneously.  He was also involved in the acquisition and integration of Northern Lights Cable, a specialty fiber optic cable manufacturer, while with Prestolite Wire.  Immediately before the acquisition of Prestolite Wire by GenTek, Mr. Berelsman became involved with GenTek in their acquisition and integration of Krone, Inc, a global telecommunications manufacturer and then later with the integration of CON-X, a start-up company producing automated cross connect equipment for telecommunication service providers.  In addition to this diverse management experience, Mr. Berelsman also holds multiple patents in the area of high-speed data transmission over copper cabling systems.