Meet The GigEPAC Team - The Homepage of Com Net, Inc.

Meet Our GigEPAC Team

Com Net, Inc. Project Team Members:

Tim Berelsman, Chief Executive Officer

Randy Plaisier, Chief Technical Officer

Dave Frey, Chief Financial Officer

Aaron Holtz, Director of Technical Operations

Diane Kahn, Director of Customer Care Operations

Luke Burkhart, Outside Sales

Com Net, Inc. Board of Directors:

Lonnie Pedersen, Board President

Preston Meyer, Board Vice-President

Eric Damman, Board Treasurer

Don Hoersten, Board Secretary

Phil Maag, Board Member

Ken Miller, Board Member

Chris Phillips, Board Member

Project Contractors:

Todd Myers - President, KG Myers Construction Company

Ryan Hetrick - President, Sigma Technologies, LTD

Com Net's Partners


OARnet - The Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet) was established by the Ohio Board of Regents in 1987 to provide researchers with access to the computational resources of the Ohio Supercomputer Center. Today, OARnet provides Ohio's colleges and universities and their research partners with an integrated technology infrastructure that includes unrivaled intrastate network connectivity and shared services.

Zayo Bandwidth - A wholly owned subsidiary of Zayo Group, owns and operates fiber optic networks totaling over 20,000 fiber route miles. Zayo Bandwidth ( offers services in 141markets spanning 23 states. Zayo Bandwidth's mission is to provide responsive bandwidth infrastructure solutions and a strong and growing network.


• Jordan and Associates

• Reid Consulting Group


• Shultz Huber & Associates

Legal Counsel:

• Thompson Hine